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Today NSG offers you the exclusive interview with controversial and original Director of our independent panorama and Domiziano Cristopharo to Brock Madson, sole interpreter of “Red” Krokodil “, film scripted by young and talented writer Francesco Scardone of which I recently started shooting and for this reason We especially thank you for choosing us. First impressions channel to an abysmal and intimate revelation that pierces the body (body and soul) through a ferocious and far autoannichilimento in a bitter pessimism that travels to a point of no return where the man is “destined” to succumb. Following the interview, happy reading!


Dimiziano Cristopharo

[NSG] – the basics of Red Krokodil focus on breakup and annihilation of the sole protagonist through the use of this terrible substance born in Russia by the devastating effects, prompting to see self-destruction as purely individual. Yet you get the feeling that the film not be purely the issue of drugs, but looks more like an allegory of a concept “collective” deeper. You can confirm?

[DC] – movie deals with various themes, from environmentalism to the more “mundane” generically related to the use of drugs, starting with a small introduction on Krokodil and its fertile existence due to the enrichment that the pharmaceutical industry in Russia will take. But the story is a pretext that I use to focus on psychological condition voted annulment from themselves and from the surrounding world, a vision apparently static, repetitive, which sees only a present and a future. The breakup of the body that
This drug causes, helped me to symbolize a breakup too visually Interior unstoppable. The Krokodil does not forgive and it’s rare that they come alive once you enter into the vortex. It’s a decidedly pessimistic globally, but it is not science fiction: after 11 years, the Krokodil is arriving in Europe as well.

NSG] – in your film gives much importance to the language of bodies from aesthetics to tell something meaningful gestures maybe more than words.In this case, what we have to wait?

[DC] – The fim is entirely set in an Interior, by only one actor … and there is no dialogue, only sounds off. It is certainly my most intimate film, the simplest, which continues the turnaround with “Bellerophon”, just that I am posting from those colors, and positivist mysticism. You may well say that these 2 movies are at odds in all respects. I just hope not in the result!

[NSG] –  the theme of diversity in all its forms is very dear to you and to prove it are some of your films as the visceral “House Of Flesh Mannequins” or the next “Museum Of Wonders”, which represents the soul of the Dummies, and lastly “Hyde’s Secret Nightmare” which is further confirmation. Your works are distinguished by a strong theatrical style, because of your artistic training, to what extent these two aspects will merge into Red Krokodil which according to anticipations will take the form of neorealism more “raw”?

[DC] – Up to Hyde’s I kept a say in appearance, but for me beyond the care of staging, my films are not plays. The acting is very forced, but the rest won’t deceive anyone that what he is seeing is reality. Indeed in FLESH MANNEQUINS for example, the film is as opposed to pictures of TG and interference from transmissions and various television. The real horror for me is to … and that’s the reality. The fact that the characters speak directly to the camera doesn’t see a choice, how much closer to the interview documentary or … I like the audience interacts directly with movie and not be passive spectator. Here you will be just a passive spectator. must simply suffer everything that happen to the protagonist. also nothing.


Brock Madson

[NSG] Your artistic role is sin ‘ now articulated between theatre and in front of the camera lens as a model and attending Red Krokodil as (only) you will see per. This will be the first time on the screen. Would you tell us how you’re coping with the experience, and if in a particular way?

[BM] – For this role, it is not about a method, I am just trying to surrender to the role. For me, its not just a role, it is about finding truth and meaning within his life, and allowing myself to go wherever I need to, and not limit the experience.

[NSG] – Red Krokodil will be entirely on your character, a man bound to self-destruction. That you have reached levels of empathy compared to these arguments to the characterization of the character?

[BM] – I don’t think this is a role, where my character is consciously trying to self destruct. As a recovered addict myself (methamphetamine, 5 year IV user), I relate very well to this role. For me it is a much deeper story than self destruction, it is about allowing myself to go to those darkest places of my own past and have compassion for that part of myself that is still alive. I hope to bring a feeling of truth to this role, and a dept that allows the audience to see this character as more than just an addict, but a person with a heart that deserves to live as much as the next. I Love this character, and have compassion for his journey. Addiction is a very dark and lonely place!

[NSG] – Domiziano, there was talk of Red Krokodil as “closing the circle”. Would you tell us just the meaning of this definition? And Brock, if a circle closes, what do you think we can open cycle ater your first film acting experience?

[DC] – At the moment means so many things and nothing. I need to make this film and I had to do it with Brock. I had to do it now, 5 years later my stateside debut … I had to do it in my home what allowed me to kick off at all. I had to do it in a time of my life when we weigh the balance many things … especially the fact that being a singer, a Director, an actor or a singer in Italy just means people ask you “ok, but what are you doing for a living?”. Never question was more apt. Yes, I opened a circle 5 years ago … and this film closes. What does it mean? Maybe I’ll take a break from films long, or perhaps from the movies made in Italy … maybe by definable “horror” film or maybe from the movies “low budget”.

[BM] – I’m not even sure how to answer that, or where to begin. With this movie, I am hoping it will allow me to bring my own story to the world. Today I work as a Reiki Master and teach seminars on Conscious Awakening. This role is about my own personal healing and showing others that our past is not a means for shame and guilt (as much as society would like to use it against us) but a means of finding and walking in your own light. I see this movie as only the beginning of something much greater than I could ever imagine or fathom.

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